Good Ale, Great Appies & God-awful Art at the Alibi Room in Seattle

We popped into Pike Place Market’s hidden gem, the Alibi Room, for a few drinks before dinner.  Located in Post Alley, across from Seattle’s famous gum wall, the place is dark, dingy and full of life.


The pub is packed like a tin of sardines, but the service is amazing; particularly impressive because there is only one waitress.  Craving something warm in the chilly seaside weather, I order the Winter Tea.  Made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, Earl Grey, raw rugar and bitters; an alright drink, at least while it’s hot.  LJ has the Alibi Special – a Miller High Life and a shot of Alibi Whiskey.  It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like; still, I prefer it to the tea.

The Alibi Room’s special is their pies, but we love the Spicy Mac and Cheese.  Made with Tillamook extra-sharp aged white cheddar, a blend of spices and served on house-made crostini, the delicious dish satiates the taste buds and pairs well with most of their eclectic beers.  (The current menu features such fine ales as Ninka’s Total Domination, Elysian Men’s Room Red and Pike Place Kilt Lifter.)  Tonight we’re just here for appies, though, so we order the Foccacia and Cambozola.

As always in the States, we’re impressed with the portion size.  The appetizer is great.  Served with perfectly roasted garlic, basil-topped tomato, freshly baked focaccia and rich, super creamy Cambozola; we’re almost sorry we didn’t order more.  We remind ourselves we still have a dinner to get to, though.

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While we finish our drinks, we remark on how surprisingly clean and well-maintained the place is, however old.  What we really like about the Alibi Room, however, is that it doesn’t discriminate.  Every table around us hosts a different group of people; twenty-something hipsters behind me, a feminist book club to my left, suit-clad businessmen next to them.  If it weren’t for the terrible wall hangings, it would be a perfect dive bar.

I’m sure there’s someone who appreciates the so-called artwork hanging around the bar, but to me it’s just a cluster of nudies clipped from 70’s softcore magazines, splattered angstily with paint; a mixed media mess.  You’d think it was put together in a kindergarten class, if it weren’t for all the tits. On second though, it may be the lacklustre artwork that puts the finishing touch on this perfect dive bar.

Still, messy breasts aside, we have a nice time.  I recommend the Alibi Room to anyone (over 21) visiting Pike Place.

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  1. Wife and me visit this place when visit Seattle. Very tasty. Much fun.

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