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An itinerant entrepreneur, Nadia travels slow and low in search of clean eats, dirty Jeeps, and good vibes. Meanwhile, she works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create memorable and successful brands.

$646 For A Bunch of Tiny Pricks

Jan 21, 20142 Comments

There are just over two weeks left before our indefinite departure from the homeland.  Tonight, LJ leaves for camp for two weeks.  So, we are

How to Prevent Getting Sick While Traveling

Jan 13, 2014Comments off

Throughout my travels I’ve found that, along with getting properly vaccinated, the best way to maintain good health is to practice good hygiene.  This may

My First Redditgifts Exchange: Secret Santa...

Dec 25, 20136 Comments

My first Redditgifts Exchange is coming to an end, and it’s been a great experience.  This Secret Santa is like any other, except you receive

Good Ale, Great Appies & God-awful Art...

Dec 18, 20131 Comment

We popped into Pike Place Market’s hidden gem, the Alibi Room, for a few drinks before dinner.  Located in Post Alley, across from Seattle’s famous