Mexican Craft Beer Against Humanity

I’ve walked past Sayulita Public House hundreds of times, but never ventured in.  It’s not that it didn’t look good; on the contrary, it seemed like a pretty classy joint.  It’s just that it seemed super gringo.  Well, LJ and I decided to try it out yesterday and, as it turns out, it is ultra-American, but I won’t hold that against them. ;)

The food menu is short and sweet, with only a dozen items (fries, wings, ribs, and the like).  The beer menu includes an impressive selection of over two dozen Mexican craft and import beers, all at reasonable prices.  After months of drinking Corona, Pacifico, and the odd ITA, this was magnificent.  Even more impressive, the waitress knew her stuff and was able to answer our questions about the beers.

20140405 Sayulita Public House

To start, I ordered a Ginger Ale by La Bru, which is brewed in Moralia.  The ginger ale, which actually had the bottle date hand-written on the label, poured clear with a burnt red hue.  It smelled of ginger, but it’s no ginger beer – it tasted of a slightly sweet, full bodied ale.  Saporous and refreshing.

LJ’s first beer was okay; a bit of a disappointment, really.  His second, however, the Cucapá Clásica, was pretty good.  The American-style blonde ale, which is brewed in Mexicali (Baja California), poured golden and light with a nice, fluffy head.  It smelled natural, almost like grass and fruit.  The taste was fruity, malty, crisp and refreshing.

20140406 SPH craft beer

Feeling peckish, we opted to share a meal.  We ordered the 8 oz. Top Sirloin Burger, which comes with lettuce, tomato, and grilled onion, and added cheddar and pesto sauce.  We also substituted the pomme frites with sweet potato fries.  My limited encounters with meat lately had not been good, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Well, after a short wait, out came our meal.  It smelled incredible, and tasted even better.  The burger was perfectly tender and juicy, the toppings were fresh, and the pesto was delicious.  Then there were the sweet potato fries, which were perfect; well cooked, a little crispy, and served with the tiniest bit of cracked sea salt.  Scrumptious.

20140405 Sirloin Burger

After we ate, we tried a couple more beers and marvelled over the impressive beer can collection displayed throughout the bar.  There are thousands of cans – tallies, shorties, regular…ies? – from around the world.  Across the room from the bar is a fireplace, nestled ina built-in bookcase (mostly lined with beer cans).  There’s a wall mounted flat screen, complete with Xbox for patron use.  And, best of all, board games.  Battleship, cards, crib, trivia and (to my complete, nerdy excitement) Cards Against Humanity.

I’ve been searching for a bar with CAH for ages, and I found it in Sayulita of all places.  So, we played a few hilarious rounds of CAH, chatted with the friendly staff a bit, and went to the beach for some sunset surfing.  Another great find and great day in Mexico.

20140405 Cards Against Humanity

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