Mexico’s Sonora State: Driving through Drug Country

We entered Mexico through the Nogales border crossing in Arizona (where we filled up at $3.05 per gallon – the cheapest we’d seen yet).  Although the area notorious for criminal activity, it’s considered the safest place to cross that state line.  It puts you right on Route 15, a cut and dry toll highway through the province of Sonora.  Despite being decently maintained and heavily patrolled, the Canadian travel advisory site had still recommended “driving through drug country” and not stopping on Route 15, at least until Ciudad Obregon.  So, that’s where we spent our first night in Mexico.

20140213 Cheap gas

The hotel owners of Ciudad Obregon are clearly aware of their status as the first safe stop in Mexico, because their rates are on par with accommodations in Arizona.  Many of the hotels are American chains such as Best Western and Ramada, but we stayed at a local place called the Yori Inn.  A Canadian couple that had driven through Mexico with their dog had reviewed it as “inviting, clean, quiet and safe, with secure parking.”

Our experience was much the same, except for the quiet.  The staff didn’t speak English, but they were very friendly.  Our room had tile throughout with two queen-sized beds, a small dining area, and a flat-screen television.  The bathroom had a massive shower and an even larger vanity.  Besides a few cobwebs and the odd spider, it was spotless.  Of course, it covered our two must-haves: pet-friendly and an Internet connection.

20140213 Yori Inn courtyard

The best thing about our room was that its back door opened up to a beautiful courtyard.  The lush garden was full of ultra-vibrant plants and blossoming flowers.  A hummingbird drank gracefully from a feeder, and a beautiful antique patio set sat beneath a rustic trellis.  Despite a full hotel, no one else was there; our own private oasis, however temporary.

Generally, our stay was nice, but from about midnight to four in the morning there was rambunctious partying in the room next door.  A couple of men were staying there (we’d seen them earlier), but it was women making noise.  They were yelling and smashing things and incessantly screaming “ay ay ay ay.”  It was awful.  Normally we’d ask such terrible neighbours to STFU, or maybe call the front desk, but this was unfamiliar territory with a huge language barrier.  Plus, those bitches were loco.

Otherwise, it was a good stay and I highly recommend the Yori Inn.

An itinerant entrepreneur, Nadia travels slow and low in search of clean eats, dirty Jeeps, and good vibes. Meanwhile, she works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create memorable and successful brands.


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