Easy, Lucky, Free: Living The Dream

May 22, 2014

My boyfriend fiance, LJ, and I are often told how lucky we are to live how we do, how most people don’t have our freedom, and how our lifestyle is so out of their reach.  These may seem like compliments, and sometimes they’re intended that way, but they’re wrong.

We’re not lucky.  We didn’t just wake up one day to find ourselves lounging on a tropical beach with thousands of dollars in the bank.  We planned, we worked hard, and we made compromises.

We’re not free.  Okay, if you’re looking at the very grand scheme of things, we have a lot of freedoms.  But, we’re not without obligations.  We have jobs, we have debts, we have pets, and we have families.

This wasn’t easy.  We’re normal people with average incomes and typical obligations.  We don’t live an extravagant life, but we do live a good one.  The only thing that sets us apart is that we prioritized our passions.

To us, none of these things are negatives.  Through meticulous planning, we’ve created a resource for others looking to make the leap.  Through budgeting and saving, we’ve built money management skills.  When we say we’re not without obligations, we wouldn’t have it any other way!  We love the things we’re tied to and the things that tie us together.  The limitations our obligations put on our travels are entirely worthwhile.  And as for it not being easy, well, the juice is worth the squeeze.

We’re Not The Only Ones

Despite all this, even people in like circumstances (wanderlust, flexible jobs, etc.) still think they can’t do what we’re doing.  We’ve heard every excuse in the book, and they’re wrong too.  Whatever your excuse – you have kids, you have a mortgage, you have pets, your job won’t allow it, you don’t have enough money, it’s too dangerous – there is someone in the same situation making it work.

Our message here isn’t that your life should look identical to ours; it’s that you should prioritize your passions.  Why spend most of your time doing something you don’t enjoy when it’s entirely possible to spend most of your time doing what you love?

To prove it’s possible, we’ve decided to launch a series of people who’ve prioritized their passions and who are living their respective dreams.

Do you want to travel but can’t find the time/money/resources?  Have you made the leap?  We’d love to hear from you.

An itinerant entrepreneur, Nadia travels slow and low in search of clean eats, dirty Jeeps, and good vibes. Meanwhile, she works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create memorable and successful brands.


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