How We Make Money

Since it’s inception, has been a free resource of travel inspiration and information. In the beginning, the site cost very little to maintain, but that isn’t the case anymore. Higher traffic and requests for more high-quality (e.g. bigger) images have driven up the cost of the website. LJ and I both have day jobs which we use to cover these costs, but we’ve decided to implement affiliate links as well.

Affiliate Links

Some of the outbound links on are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we earn (at no additional cost to you) a small commission. We only recommend products and services we love, and that have made our travels better. If you’d like to support this site, using these links will do just that. (And, if so, thanks for helping to keep alive!) When possible we provide both USD and CAD options, but since US products are often significantly cheaper, we recommend using a forwarding address.

Advertisers & Sponsors

We will soon be taking on a handful of sponsors whose brands are relevant to world travelers and digital nomads. For more information, please email