(Not So) Fancy Footwork

We didn’t make a lot of modifications to our Jeep before leaving Canada, but we were prepared for emergencies.  We planned and purchased for every conceivable predicament.  From roadside safety gear and fully-stocked first aid kits to emergency food and water, we had it covered.  At the time we laughed about being so over-prepared, but we’ve since discussed what was vital (and unnecessary) to bring, and this gear was at the top of the list.  We’ve used our emergency gear so often that we’ve already had to restock.

Consider my latest mishap:

I had plans with Nico to go fishing for sunset, and I was running late.  I quickly gathered my tackle and rod and headed for the point.  It isn’t far from home, so it should only have taken ten minutes to get there.  Half way there and looking forward to catching my second ocean fish, I caught my sandal on some small rocks.  My flip flop bent in half and my big toe took all the impact.  If it was just a small scrape I’d have said fuck it and kept going, but this was anything but.

I hobbled home, grabbing the first aid kit from the Jeep on the way, and began the one hundred and ten step ascent to our room.  By the time I reached the top my foot was covered in blood and my toe looked like it had gone through a cheese grater.  Nadia quickly came to my rescue, shot of tequila in hand.  Out came the rubbing alcohol, cleaning pads, tweezers, polysporin and bandages.  Ten minutes and a few shots later the sand was removed, the wound was covered and I was feeling good as new.

I made my way back, more cautiously this time, to meet Nico.  I didn’t catch as many fish as I’d have liked, but it was a great evening anyway.  It’s funny because incurring an injury always sucks, but the satisfaction of being so well-prepared for it is nice.  So, moral of the story: Watch your step and always travel with a first aid kit.

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LJ is a heavy equipment operator and musician. Born in Winnipeg, MB and raised in Yellowknife, NT, he’s since lived and performed throughout western Canada. He loves craft beer, crime novels and a good jam session. An avid fisherman, expert barbecuer and novice surfer, he’s currently enjoying all Mexico’s west coast has to offer.

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