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Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world. It truly has something for everyone. The people it has the most for, however, are nerds. My brother — a bonafide nerd, and I say that with love — is about to visit Seattle for the first time for a Video Games Live weekend. So, to celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of Seattle Must See’s for Nerds.

(A special thanks goes out to all the Redditors at /r/seattle who contributed! You guys rock!)

  1. For the Cinephile
    If you’re a movie buff, seeing a film at Cinerama is a must!  Located in midtown, this mid-century theatre is more than just a movie theatre – it’s an experience.  The cinema boasts state-of-the-art equipment and ultra-plush seats, and features an amazing concession with such items as cupcakes, ice cream and chocolate popcorn (swoon).  They play everything from new releases and 3D blockbusters to cult classics and original 70mm films.  Perhaps coolest of all, they have a rotating display of authentic movie memorabilia, including original costumes from Blade Runner, The Fifth Element and Battlestar Galactica.@phinneypat calls Cinerama “the best movie-going experience anywhere”Cinerama is open 7 days a week with showings from around 3 pm to midnight.  Visit them at to see what’s on.Seattle Cinerama collage 1

    Bonus: If you’re looking to rent a movie, try Scarecrow Video in the University District.  @IronOhKi insists Scarecrow has “Every single movie. Ever. In history.”  A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but they do have over 120,000 individual titles available to rent.

  2. For The Old-School Arcade Lover
    If you love old-school arcade games, you have to check out the Seattle Pinball Museum in the International District.  Unlike your typical arcade, you don’t pay per game.  Unlike your typical museum, you can touch.  SPM has an all-you-can-play model.  For $13 you can play an amazing assortment of pinball machines from all eras for as long as you like.  In addition to pinball, they also have original Tetris, Galaga, and a few old-school shooter games.  Be warned: You may want to bring ear plugs!The Seattle Pinball Museum is open Sunday and Monday ’til 5 and Thursday through Saturday ’til late.  Visit them on Facebook for more information.

  3. For The Vegan, Coffee-Loving Geek
    If you’re looking for a great, geeky, late-night and vegan-friendly spot to hang out, look no further than Wayward Coffee in Roosevelt.  They feature a well-received vegan menu and their staff is super friendly.  Wayward is also host to a number of events throughout the month from live music to Steampunk meetups to game nights.Wayward Coffee is open Monday to Friday from 6 am to 11 pm and Saturday/Sunday from 7 am to 11 pm.  For more information or to view upcoming events, visit

    Wayward Coffee Collage

  4. For The New-School Arcade Lover
    This is more of a big box experience, but if you’re looking some easily accessible new-school arcade games visit Gameworks in Downtown Seattle.  It’s central, it’s lively and whether you’re a noob or hardcore gamer there are hundreds of awesome games.  Be warned: You will probably drop a lot of cash here. For more information about Gameworks visit them online at
  5. For The Board Gamer
    If you love board games, beer or (gasp) both you have to check out Cafe Mox and Card Kingdom in Ballard.  This “game parlour” features a full espresso bar, wine, and soft drinks, as well as a great selection of craft beer on tap.  They also have a great and super-fresh cafe style food menu.  The atmosphere is laid back, the staff are welcoming, and the board games are free-to-use.  Score.@Talulah_terpentine says Mox “has a great atmosphere and very good food and nonalcoholic drinks” and that it’s “better than any other board game spot I’ve been to.”Cafe Mox is open 7 days a week from 10 am to midnight, and all ages are welcome.  Visit them online at

    Cafe Mox Collage

  6. For The Tech Geek
    If you’re into computers, or just looking for an inexpensive outing, check out the Living Computer Museum.  The $5 admission includes a tour of the museum, and the ability to touch and interact with machines that made computers what they are today.  Almost all the computers, some dating back to the early 1970s, are operational.Visit for hours of operation and more information.Living Computer Museum Collage
  7. For The Science Guy (or Girl)
    Actually more like Science Man or Woman.  If you’re looking to enjoy some science without the typical legions of kids that frequent science centres, you need to check out Science With A Twist at the Pacific Science Center in Lower Queen Anne.  It’s a nighttime event with adults, appetizers, and (if you’re so inclined) alcohol.  Previous events include an IMAX showing of the Hobbit accompanied by Beorne’s Mead and a Halloween event that featured Caramel Apple Punch and the chance to examine a real human brain.@eruditeseattleite says that “Despite the name and age restriction, the alcohol is actually pretty small part of it” and “It’s a great way to geek out at the science center without dodging hordes of kids.”Science With A Twist is a 21+ that typically costs around $20 per person.  Find out about upcoming events at
  8. For The Fantasy Enthusiast
    Have you ever wanted to pet a dragon, or see the leather skirt and metal armor worn by Xena?  Would you like to marvel over David Bowie’s Jareth the Goblin King outfit from Labyrinth?  View an original Game of Thrones manuscript?  Then you need to check out the Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic exhibit at the EMP Museum.  If you think the end results of your favourite fantasy flicks were impressive, then you’ll love seeing what inspired them.Learn more about the exhibit or other features at the EMP Museum  Purchase tickets online for $15 or less.EMP Fantasy Exhibition collage

What are your favorite places to geek out in Seattle?  We’d love to hear from you.

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