How To Fool A Carnivore

Since arriving in Sayulita, my eating habits have changed drastically – and for the better.  I buy organic, locally-grown produce daily; I eat fresh caught fish several times a week; I’ve cut out a significant amount of gluten, fat, sugar, and processed food; and I’ve practically stopped eating meat.

These changes are huge, but they’ve taken virtually no effort.  I cook more, sure, but making healthy choices has been easy because healthy food is so readily available.  This may come as a surprise since Mexico is the world’s most obese country, but surf-central Sayulita is a pretty fit, health-conscious community.  And, despite its small size, the village has practically everything you could want or need.  So, while I do occasionally go into the city for more expensive things like tampons and cleaning supplies, most of my shopping is done in Sayulita.

Of all the places to buy food, the Mercado del Pueblo is my favourite.  Since discovering it a while ago, it’s become a weekly ritual.  From coffee and fresh-pressed juice to 100 proof spirits; from French bread to gluten-free tostadas; from organic fruit and veg to expertly made salsa, the public market has it all.  Here’s this week’s haul, which includes some fantastic lentil “burgers” made with seaweed, ginger, and olives; organic arugula and cilantro; and sunflower seed “cheese”.

20140321 Mercado del pueblo haul

Here’s our dinner the same night. Mouthwatering, juicy, flavour-packed burgers served on freshly baked buns with a meaty (so to speak) guacamole, sauteed onions and peppers, organic arugula, dijon mustard, and sunflower seed cheese.  On the size, perfectly seasoned, perfectly tender, locally-grown vegetables.  Not only was this a totally satisfying, filling meal, but it was one hundred percent vegetarian.  And so, so healthy.

]20140321 Lentil Burger

An itinerant entrepreneur, Nadia travels slow and low in search of clean eats, dirty Jeeps, and good vibes. Meanwhile, she works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create memorable and successful brands.

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