Cutting It Close: Insurance, International Driving Permits and More

February 6, 2014
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We had planned to Canada tomorrow, but after a series of delays it wasn’t looking likely.  My license, which I renewed a month ago, hadn’t come in yet; my credit cards, which expired this month, hadn’t been replaced yet; and my glasses weren’t due to arrive until Friday.

Over the past two days, everything has come together.  Yesterday my license, credit cards and glasses came in, and LJ got home from camp.  Today, we filled out travel prescriptions (three pharmacies for two medications), picked up last minute supplies and got our International Driving Permits.

20140205-Sophie at the airportLJ’s flight was delayed and Sophie was seriously concerned

The latter was a cinch.  We went to BCAA for our IDPs and health insurance at the same time.  We brought in our pre-filled forms, had our passport photos taken and were issued our IDPs within minutes.  It’s strange to see such an official and internationally recognized document just hand written.  Altogether it took an hour and cost about $470.

The Damage, per person

International Driving Permit: $25
Passport photos: $15
6 months of worldwide health insurance (no deductible) $390

20140206-Passport photosI always look mean in passport style photos :(

The day was hectic, but it ended beautifully.  We visited my for coffee and to say goodbye for now.  She is the smartest, youngest looking almost ninety-year-old I know.  Afterwards we had dinner with my parents, siblings and my brother’s girlfriend – and of course, everyone’s dogs.  It was a blast, and such a nice send off.

20140206-with Oma

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