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February 11, 2014

Feeling the heat in La Jolla and, let’s admit it, wanting a few hours to ourselves, LJ and I sent Sophie to the groomer.  Ahem, Dog Salon.  Although, considering the treatment she received we’re inclined to call it a spa.  Sophie’s package, which was appropriately called The Works, included ear cleaning, nail trimming, gland expulsion, a wash and cut, and a blueberry facial.  Also, an adorable bandana.  Not only did Sophie come out with the best haircut she’s ever had, but she was positively exuberant after.

20140211 Mission Bay Pet Salon

From meeting the friendly staff and seeing Sophie’s satisfied disposition afterwards, it was clear that she’d received great service.  People severely underestimate the value of a good groomer.  You could never get that kind of service at a human spa for under $60, and humans are much better at sitting still.

As an added bonus the owner, Ryan Foster (a Canadian expat but longtime Pacific Beach resident), had a wealth of knowledge to share.  When he saw we had a Jeep and found out we were travelling through Arizona, he had a tonne of amazing recommendations.  If we had even two extra days we would have done them all, based on his enthusiastic referrals alone.  Alas, we were short on time and couldn’t, but we’ve added them all to our must-see list.  It may be some time before we’re back in the area, but when we are we’ll spend a few good days exploring Arizona’s many unexpected wonders.

20140211 MB signIn the mean time, we recommend Mission Bay Pet Salon & Wash to everyone we meet who’s passing through California with a dog.  Friendly service, great work, and reasonable rates.  Thanks guys!

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  1. Sporting such little brown eyes! Is very nice.

  2. Ran into your site on Stumbleupon. You have the cutest dogs!! Saved for later.

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