Yellowknife to Mexico with a Dog, an interview by Brad Hussey

Brad Hussey, the owner of Brightside Studios and recently interviewed us for his website.

We’ve all seen and heard the news about Mexico—on the surface it looks like an insanely dangerous country, ridden with violent drug-related crime—and for the most part, we buy into it. Why? Because humans are fearful creatures, and can be easily manipulated into making (or not making) decisions out of fear. We like to feel safe!

But can we simply throw a blanket statement over an entire country that says, “NOT SAFE. DON’T GO. EVER.”? Is Mexico really as bad as it seems? Or is there something more to the beautiful, spanish speaking country that us gringos have overlooked?

Nadia and LJ seem to think so. . .

-Brad Hussey

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An itinerant entrepreneur, Nadia travels slow and low in search of clean eats, dirty Jeeps, and good vibes. Meanwhile, she works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create memorable and successful brands.

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